Partner Onboarding

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Welcome to Doceo!
We're so excited to welcome you to the Doceo platform

Document Checklist for New Partners

In order to create your profile and promote your content on Doceo, we will need some information to create your business profile and add your content to the platform. The more detail you provide, the better and more content-rich your listing will be. The onboarding tool may take 10-20 minutes to complete. However, it is beneficial for you to submit everything required now to streamline the process.


Before commencing the onboarding tool:

  1. Please take a moment to review and collect the list of required information below so that you will have everything you need on hand.
    • Company information and descriptors
    • Partnership information (i.e. Doceo representative, type of partnership, etc.)
    • Special Doceo Member Offer details
    • Logo file for upload
    • Any services, courses, articles, podcasts, or products that you would like listed on Doceo
  2. Look over the partner page example below so that you can see how your information will be presented.
  3. Be aware that a Doceo staff member may contact you if we require any clarification or additional information.
  4. Feel free to contact the Doceo Partner Team on if you have any questions or need help.


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