Legal Services

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Successfully navigate the legal sphere

Receive timely legal advice from long-term professional relationships to implement procedures, plans, processes and agreements that comply with national law and reduce practice costs.

Practice in all lifecycle stages can benefit from legal services, which focus on best practice and prevention of legal issues. Services include property and building management, business and commercial planning, health record privacy, employment and HR, conflict management, tax compliance, intellectual property navigation, accreditation, manual provision, government grands and succession assistance.

The delivery of legal services differs depending on the complexity and specificity of the service required. For more individualised services (such as business planning or success assistance), meetings may be conducted via the phone or in-office. Simpler services (such as tax compliance) may be delivered wholly online through online forms or email correspondence. To ask practice-specific questions, book an online consultation to receive clarity.

Have confidence in the legal aspects of your healthcare practice – and save time in this area – through support from Doceo’s hand-picked, experienced legal professionals.

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