Construction and Fit-out

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Fit-outs for successful environments

Patient experience is strongly impacted by the environment in which healthcare services are conducted; create a purposeful facility with construction and fit-out services.

Construction and fit-out services tailor your healthcare environment to your unique needs, goals and values. Opportunities are identified, challenges managed and design processes implemented, to create spaces optimal for healthcare practice. Practices are constructed with quality materials within your proposed budget to deliver your vision.


To receive construction and fit-out services, apply for a free consultation through filling out an online form. From here, a phone call will be organised to gain an overview of your vision and goals, and further services will be discussed. Depending on your requirements and desired approach, online and on-site meetings will be scheduled with varying frequencies.


Create a space optimal for healthcare practice with Doceo’s hand-picked construction and fit-out professionals who work to meet your goals and grasp construction opportunities.

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