Human Resources

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HR solutions for time-management

Dedicate more time to healthcare services by outsourcing your human resources to strategists who manage employment and compliance and foster a culture of improvement.

Outsourced HR can manage recruitment, onboarding, training and development, performance management and termination and offboarding. Administrative tasks such as payroll processing, benefits administration, employee records management and compliance with employment laws and regulations can also be enacted via HR. Guidance on employee relations, engagement and culture can also be provided to foster wellbeing and positive workplace culture.


Generally, outsourced HR services are provided online, through phone or video calls when services are individualised and more complex, and through independent completion and email communication when services are more standardised. Other HR options include software packages designed to make HR tasks easier and more time-efficient. Such platforms are first explained by a specialist via an online meeting, and the service can then be independently used for HR management.


By utilising Doceo’s hand-picked human resource solutions, you can benefit from better workplace balance and accurate employee-related processes.

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