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Peace of mind with reliable insurance

Be financially protected against unforeseen risks, malpractice claims, liability lawsuits, property damage and other potential losses through cost-effective insurance providers, that offer risk-related guidance.

Medical practice insurance may include property and general, professional, cyber, or personal assets liability and unbiased, individualised recommendations will be given to meet your needs. As well as offering liability insurance for medical practices, insurance services include risk assessment and management, claims support and assistance with compliance to regulatory requirements, thereby allowing practitioners to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.


Insurance services commence with a complimentary phone call consultation, where you will discuss your practice’s details and needs. From this discussion, you will be provided with an obligation-free quote for recommended insurance services. All necessary payments may be fulfilled through online forms. For further information about your insurance plan, or tailored risk management advice, phone calls or in-office meetings may be implemented.


Benefit from the expertise and knowledge of Doceo’s insurance partners, who ensure financial protection and the mitigation of potential risks, losses and liabilities.

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