Property Advisory

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Strategic approaches to healthcare property

Receive expert guidance for successful location selection, property buying and leasing from property advisory professionals with extensive knowledge and experience.

Property advisors help you choose an ideal location, assessing any competitors, Medicare data, demographics, population trends and referrer and patient mapping, and ensuring strategic positioning. Site due diligence can be managed by property advisors, and the best deal reached through valuations and negotiations on your behalf.  A successful build can be facilitated through project management and team and building coordination.


An initial meeting marks the beginning of property advisory services, and this may be virtual or in-person. Here, advisory teams work to understand your goals and healthcare background to search for appropriate sites. Regular meetings will be organised for updates of service delivery and approval of decisions, and in-person visits to sites may be implemented for effective collaboration.


Navigate the property sphere with confidence through receiving support from Doceo’s trusted property advisory professionals.

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