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Australian Advisory Boards Institute is a specialist advisory board firm with a unique and cost effective model for creating your own Advisory Board to achieve accelerated business success and growth through: ​

– Bringing structure, strategy and focus and accountability ​

– Increasing accountability and commitment through an advisory board framework ​

– Working with an outstanding, highly experienced Chair and mentor ​

– Enhancing you and your teams leadership and management skills ​

– More cost effective that a traditional board of directors

We are here to help you create your own advisory board. It can be lonely at the top! An Advisory Board is one or more ‘independent’ people who provide advice and support to CEO/owners/directors of a company to help you make better decisions and develop a long-term vision for your business. Unlike a formal board of directors, it has no decision making powers, so has more flexibility to focus on strategic matters.

An Advisory board provides strategic advice, acts as a sounding board for ideas and bring different perspectives to the business. Properly structured as per the Australian Advisory Boards Institute way, it provides focus, strategy and accountability for business success.